Age Grid, Rules & Scoring

We follow the IASF Cheer & Dance Rules

Performing a technique outside the boundaries of your division level will incur a penalty as per the Scoring Guidelines.  BCA's Competition Rules and Safety Guidelines comply with the technical and safety aspects of IASF, as applicable to UK duty of care compliance.  You are expected to be conversant with the rules and safety requirements.  Wherever possible all rules are quoted exactly as the rule book.  However, division age ranges reflect the general structure of British and European squads, and are designed to allow all squad age ranges to compete.

Age Grid

We follow the SportCheerUK Unified Divisions and Age Grid.

SCUK Unified Age Grid 2020-2021

Please note: Not all divisions will be available at all events. Please check the individual competition pages for further information.
Some Speciality Divisions are also slightly different to the SCUK recommended options:

Cheer Solo Divisions

DivisionAgeLevel (up to)
Tiny Solo3-71
Mini Solo8-92
Youth Solo10-125
Junior Solo13-156
Senior Solo16-176
Open Solo17+7

  • Cheer and Dance Duo/Trio divisions will follow their respective SCUK team age grids
  • No further splits will be made for Solo/Duo/Trio divisions.
  • ***NEW*** Non-Building Divisions now available! Click here for more information

Dance Solo Divisions

Tiny Solo3-7Open/Combined
Mini Solo8-10Open/Combined
Youth Solo11-13Open/Combined
Junior Solo14-16Open/Combined
Senior Solo17+Open/Combined


Updated for 2020-2021 Season