Rules & Scoring

2016/17 Season Summary of Changes

Update January 2017 – USASF Worlds Age Restrictions

We have made a slight change to the age restrictions for our International Open/Worlds only divisions. The athlete will now need to be of age by 31st December in the year of the USASF Worlds event that the bid would be eligible for. We respect that the sole purpose of these divisions is to compete to gain a USASF Worlds bid for the following year so it seems logical to align these age restrictions.

For Example: An athlete who turns 14 up until December 31, 2018 will be eligible to compete at USASF Worlds 2018 and also at the Super Classic, Newcastle 2017 in a Worlds qualifying division. Also, a competitor who turns 17 up until December 31, 2018 will be eligible to compete for a Worlds 2018 bid in an International Open Level 6 division at the 2017 Super Classic, Newcastle.

Please note, this change only applies to International Open/Worlds divisions at Super Classic, Newcastle. All other divisions/events will continue to follow the age restrictions determined by the athletes age as of 31st August as detailed in our rule book.

No Limit on Stunt Group Entries

Programmes can enter multiple teams into any stunt group division (subject to availability). However please remember that athletes can only compete once in each division.

Coach Passes

Teams will be allocated coaches’ passes on a ratio of athletes attending the competition (up to a maximum of 10 FREE passes). For example:

  • 2 Coach passes for the first 20 participating athletes.
  • A further 1 additional pass for every additional 20 participating athletes. (E.g. 160 athletes on entry roster = 9 free coach passes).
  • Additional passes can be purchased at a cost of £40 per pass.

Additional Divisions

The following additional divisions are now available to enter:

  • Junior Restricted Level 5
  • Senior Restricted Level 5 All Girl
  • Senior Restricted Level 5 Co-Ed

Worlds Bid Teams

Teams wishing to compete for a Worlds bid at Super Classic, Newcastle will now enter an International Open division as follows:

  • International Open Levels 5 & 6
  • International Open Small Co-Ed Levels 5 & 6
  • International Open Large Co-Ed Levels 5 & 6
  • International Open Pom
  • International Open Jazz
  • International Open Hip Hop

Division Splits

We reserve the right to split divisions in line with the USASF guidelines of Small and Large categories as follows:

Cheer Divisions

  • Small = 1 – 20 Athletes
  • Large = 21 – 32 Athletes (36 for Level 5)

Dance Divisions

  • Small = 1 – 14 Dancers
  • Large = 15+ Dancers

Where divisions are still large after the Small/Large split, we may split further using an A & B category. This will be done on a natural break of team sizes within the division and may vary between competitions.