We are excited to offer Non-Building Divisions at all of our events this season including the 2020 Winter Weekender Virtual event!

As this division is being introduced this season, there are many questions that have arisen, and we hope the following information will help.

Division Options

  • Non-Building Prep
    • 1.1 and 2.1 are no longer valid as one number is designated for building.
    • Tiny Level 1
    • Mini, Youth, Junior, Senior Level 1 – 2
  • Non-Building Level 1 -7 All Star
    • Tiny, Mini, Youth, Junior, Senior, Open
    • No separation of Coed and All Female
  • Routine Time
    • No Minimum time
    • Maximum 2:30 (two minutes thirty seconds)


  • Condensed routine
    • Teams should perform a standard looking routine with full choreography of jumps, tumbling, dance, transitions/formations.
    • Music length should match the routine performed.
    • Teams will be judged on entire routine start to finish
    • Please refer to score grid for tumbling and jump range requirements and quantities.
  • Full 2:30 routine
    • Teams Mark Building Skills
    • This will allow teams to prepare full choreography and transitions into and out of building skills as well as utilize the full cut of music.
    • Teams will not have to manage a new music cut for a shorter routine.
    • Teams should have athletes move into building formations and stand cleanly or mark the counts to skills (this is still a performance and thus should come across to the judges as a “hard mark” routine.
    • If no building skills are choreographed, just stand in position cleanly and move through the building formations
    • Judges will consider the transitions into and out of the “marked sections” but nothing within these sections.


  • BCA All Star Scoring will be used to determine: Tumbling/Jumps/Motions/Dance/OverallPerformance/Routine Creativity
  • Both condensed routines and full routines will be judged as one division
  • Please see score sheet for further information