Virtual Victory Series

Power Turner: 7th March 2021

Power Jumper: 4th April 2021

Power Tumbler: 1st May 2021

How will it work?

  1. Use the buttons on the right to pay for your entry and upload your video.
  2. INVITE YOUR FRIENDS! Cash prize starts at £25.00 then the more entries we receive, the higher the prize money will grow!
  3. Our panel of judges will judge your routine electronically.
  4. Prize winners will be announced on our website a few days after the closing date.


  • Perform you strongest connected turn sequence.
  • Turns must maintain a consistent rotation once begin, thus any pause in rotation longer than a single count will be considered a completion of sequence.
  • Any skills that are not technically considered a turn will not be considered and the turn sequence will be considered complete at the point said skills are incorporated.


  • Perform 3 connected advanced jumps that include variety (2 different jumps out of the 3).
  • Perform 1 additional jump pike with any approach, this jump is the required 4th jump and must be performed separately.
  • The combination can include a pike, but the additional like jump must also be performed as a separate jump.
  • Advanced jumps include left herkie, right herkie, toe touch, pike, left hurdler, right hurdler.


  • Perform your strongest tumbling pass (standing or running).
  • A pass is defined as 2 or more connected skills in immediate combination.
  • A pass will be considered complete if at any point there is more than 1 count of static positioning.
  • Passes may be at any length or combination of skills provided there are no pauses in skill connection.
  • There is no level appropriate requirement by age.

Event Pricing


Deadlines Pricing (Per Athlete, Per Routine)
Power Turner: 28th February 2021 
Power Jumper: 28th March 2021
Power Tumbler: 25th April 2021


Please Note

By entering a BCA Competition you acknowelege that you have read and accepted our competition policies and rules. Please note all schedule/timings are provisional and subject to change. If you would like any further information please contact the office on 030 3344 5566 or [email protected]