SEN Division Guidelines

  1. 100% of Athletes must qualify as SEN Athletes.
  2. Participant Entry fee to this division will be waived for all athletes.
  3. An athlete’s specific caregiver will be allowed access to the venue without paying a spectator entry; however, the caregiver will need to secure a BCA ID in advance.
  4. All teams with special needs will follow the IASF general rules and routines requirements.
  5. Teams may execute skills up to, and including Level 2.
    Exception: See letter “D” below.
    All Stunts and Pyramids (at prep level or above) performed without a Coach/Assistant require an additional spotter that is a Coach/Assistant.
  6. Tosses are not permitted.
    Clarification: This includes “Sponge” (also known as Load In or Squish) tosses.
    Clarification: All waist level cradles are illegal.

  7. Spotted and assisted tumbling is allowed in the BCA Special Athlete division. F. Up to 3 Coaches/Assistants allowed to signal from the front of the mat and may not obstruct view of the judges. No limit to number of assistants around perimeter of the floor in a squat position.
  8. Assistants will be dressed in contrasting t-shirt and jeans or dark pants and trainers so it is clear to the judges who is the athlete and who is the Assistant.
    Example: If athlete is in light colour uniform top, assistants will be in a dark matching t-shirt, if athlete is in light uniform top, all assistants will be in a dark coloured matching t-shirt. NO FLIP-FLOPS or Jewellery worn by assistants as to not cause injury. Assistants may not be in any type of cheer uniform.

  9. It is the responsibility of the coach to determine the capability and proficiency of the individual athletes when choosing the skills to be performed.
  10. Coaches/assistants can base, back spot, or be a top person in a stunt or pyramid. A coach/assistant can spot an athlete through a tumbling pass.
  11. A coach/assistant must be an additional spotter for any stunt that is at prep level or higher if the stunt consists of only special athletes.
  12. This division will not receive numeric scores, but will receive a critique sheet from the judges.