Registration Information

BCA Competitions are open to all including teams from other countries

Payments & Timescales
The closing date for competition entries is as specified on the Event Calendar listed in the competition section of our website.

Competition entries must be received by the listed closing dates for the Early Bird, On Time or Final, which must include fully completed forms and all entry fees.

Entries will not be processed until all the information is completed and full payment is received within 72 hours of the advertised closing date for the Early Bird, On Time or Final. Please be aware that late entries after the final closing date will only be accepted if approved by a BCA Director.

One payment must be made per team/programme. Individual payments will not be accepted.

Entries submitted for the Early Bird, On Time or Final closing date will be eligible for the stated discounts if full payment is received within 72 hours of these dates, otherwise the usual entry fee will be apply with a possible late payment fee added.

Schools and Universities securing payment using a purchase order number must allow sufficient time for funds to be released by the closing date, especially if an invoice is required in advance.

Free Athlete Substitutions
Free Athlete substitutions are allowed provided:
  • Substitution does not cause a division change (i.e. male substitution for female creating co-ed division - NOT ALLOWED, or Junior Age substitution for Youth Age moving team to Junior - NOT ALLOWED
  • Substitute must hold a valid BCA ID
Paid Athlete Substitutions
  • Substitution a division change – see division change guidelines
  • Substitute does not hold valid BCA ID Card (Athlete must purchase 3 year ID)
  Free Division Change
Free division changes are allowed provided the BCA is notified prior to final running order being released.

Paid division change
Paid Division changes are allowed provided:
  • A division change is possible within the event timeline
  • A non-refundable £100 fee must be paid before the change is processed.
  The BCA reserves the right to close a competition early once capacity is reached with the venue.
Cancellations & Refunds
Teams or Individual athletes withdrawn from competition due to injury, illness, or other reason may do so at any time. However only withdrawals received by e–mail prior to the final closing date by the coach or nominated contact as shown on the E-registration system will be eligible to receive a refund. If you’ve already paid and the withdrawal is received prior to the final closing date, we will either transfer your fees to another BCA competition or refund you 100% of the entry fee. If you have not yet paid, but you send us your withdrawal request prior to the final closing date, the invoice will be cancelled. If the withdrawal is received AFTER the final closing deadline then no refund will be given. A refund request will only be accepted from the coach; individual requests will not be accepted.
Member Eligibility
Eligibility is determined as stated against each division, not all divisions may be offered at every event. University teams competing at University Nationals must consist of 90% current students of the University being represented at the event. 10% can be past students/alumni if graduated from the nominated University within the past 4 years. At all other events we will allow non-studying athletes to compete on a University team in the open divisions. Failure to provide the correct documentation will prevent a BCA ID card being issued.
Athlete ID Cards
All athletes must hold a valid BCA photo ID card to validate age and identity.

An athlete may be registered and compete with more than one All-Star team at the same competition. They may also compete for one University or Scholastic Team. However an athlete cannot compete for both teams in the same division.

All Athletes competing on a University team will need to apply for a BCA Student ID Card which is valid for competitions. When applying 90% of the team will be need to provide proof of attendance on a currently enrolled course – either through their student candidate card where it shows a course start and/or end date or by an admissions letter. 10% can be past students/alumni if they have graduated from the same university within the past 4 years. Evidence of this will need to be provided. If you cannot provide this information a BCA Student ID card cannot be issued and you will not be permitted to perform for a university team.

For unregistered or lost/forgotten ID cards athletes will need to apply for a new ID card prior to competing. Extra fees will apply if a new ID card is issued at the Competition. These can only be issued on provision of proof of date of birth and for University students their ID information as stated above. Failure to provide this information will result in the athlete being unable to compete.

ID card applications must be made a minimum of 6 weeks before competition to allow time for processing.

ID cards must be worn at all times (except when competing) and spot checks will be made.
Coach Passes
Teams will be allocated coaches’ passes on a ratio of athletes attending the competition (up to a maximum of 10 FREE passes). For example:
  • 2 Coach passes for the first 20 participating athletes.
  • A further 1 additional pass for every additional 20 participating athletes. (E.g. 160 athletes on entry roster = 9 free coach passes).
  • Additional passes can be purchased at a cost of £40 per pass.
All UK based teams will be required to provide their Insurance company name, policy number and expiry date of their insurance policy. This requirement is additional to BCA’s own Public Liability Insurance Cover.
Email Updates
You will be emailed "Competition Updates" after we receive your entry. You must read each update for current information and rule changes. Any rule changes will also appear on the BCA website throughout the year. As the Coach It is your full responsibility to keep up to date with any changes made.
Worlds Bid Teams - Newcastle
Teams wishing to compete for a Worlds bid at Super Classic, Newcastle should enter an International Open division. Please note that age guidelines are different for these divisions - click here for more info.