See our Worlds 2019 Bid Winners

Congratulations to our Worlds 2019 Bid Winners:


Gold Partial Paid: Unity Allstars Ruby (IO5)
Silver Partial Paid: Rising Stars Midnight (IOSC5)
Bronze At Large: Rising Stars Andromeda (IO5)

The following teams have been retrospectively awarded an At Large bid. This is a bid only opportunity and does not include the other benefits of our Bronze package.

Surrey Starlets Amethyst (IO5)
Cheer Force Knights Odyssey (IOSC5)
Gymfinity Ladies of the Crown (IO5)



Gold Partial Paid: JC Glitter White (IOP)
Silver Partial Paid: Dance and Cheer Academy (IOCL)
Bronze At Large: Intensity Cheer and Dance Explosion (IOCL)
Bronze At Large: Star Spirit Zero Gravity (IOJ)
Bronze At Large: Hawks Intensity Diamond (IOP)
Bronze At Large: Star Spirit Zero Gravity (IOCL)


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