Our Worlds 2020 Bid Winners

Congratulations to our Worlds 2020 Bid Winners:

Partial Paid: Rising Stars Ellipse (IOR5)
Partial Paid: Rising Stars Midnight (IOSC5)
At Large: PSC Gemini (IO5)
At Large: Surrey Starlets Amethyst (IO5)
At Large: Gymfinity Ladies of the Crown (IO5)
At Large: Casablanca Cosmic 5 (IOR5)
At Large: Bournemouth Elite Hail (IOLC5)
At Large: CFK Lady Knights (IO5)

Partial Paid: JC Blaze Pom (Junior Pom)
At Large: LA Legends (Junior Hip Hop)
At Large: JC Blaze Lyrical (Junior Lyrical)
At Large: Firebird Storm (Junior Jazz)

Partial Paid: JC Glitter White (IOP)
Partial Paid: ADA Virtues (IOCL)
At Large: ADA Dominion (IOH)
At Large: Phoenix Flames Elite (IOP)
At Large: Star Spirit Zero Gravity (IOJ)
At Large: CheerForce TEN – The Ladies of TEN (IOP)
At Large: Star Spirit Zero Gravity (IOCL)
At Large: ADA Virtues (IOJ)

We wish you all the best of luck and look forward to supporting you in the lead up to and during Worlds 2020 in Orlando, FL.