Specialist Cheerleading Insurance

Whether you’re a coach, team or athlete you’ll need specialist insurance to protect you in case of an accident especially with the ever-more ambitious choreographing and high-flying routines to win the judges’ approval.

Our partners, Insure4Sport, can offer specialist Cheerleading insurance to ensure that you’re protected from the risks which come with the sport. They offer flexible insurance which allows you to build your own policy to suit your needs. Plus, BCA customers can get 20% off all quotes!

You can choose from a range of cover options such as:

  • Public Liability: up to £10 million of cover to protect your legal liability in case of third-party injury or property damage
  • Professional Indemnity: up to £1 million of cover included FREE with Public Liability to protect your legal liability if your advice causes injury to another person
  • Personal Accident: up to £50,000 to provide compensation if you injure yourself whilst coaching or participating
  • Loss of Earnings: up to £750 a week cover if you injure yourself and are unable to work for 1 year (only available if you’ve taken out Personal Accident cover)
  • Sports Equipment: up to £50,000 cover against theft, loss or damage
  • Worldwide cover: up to 6 months cover including the USA and Canada

Whatever the level of Cheerleading you teach, Insure4Sport can protect you from the hazards which come with the job. There’s always the risk that someone could seriously injure themselves during a stunt and hold you responsible. Insure4Sport can protect you with up to £10 million Public Liability cover and will include FREE £1 million Professional Indemnity cover. Plus, if you were to injure yourself whilst coaching, Insure4Sport can protect you with their Personal Accident cover and if you add on the Loss of Earnings cover extension, they pay you up to £750 a week to cover your earnings whilst you’re out of action.

As a Cheerleader you put your body through various routines and stunts so there’s always an increased risk of injury. With Insure4Sport cover you can choose from a range of cover options such as Personal Accident which can protect you with up to £50,000 cover should you injure yourself during a routine or stunt. They’ll help you get back on feet quicker with physio cover, and with emergency dental cover you’ll be able to maintain your winning smile.

Insure4Sport team insurance allows you to protect your team on one policy. You can protect them and their coach from accident or injury. The cover options you choose to include in your policy will extend across all the members in your squad. Plus, you can pick and choose your policy options to build an insurance policy which suits the needs of your team.

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