ID Cards are now free!

ID cards are now FREE! The ordering process will remain the same and all ID cards will be posted to the team coach. Athletes will no longer require a separate ID card for each programme that they compete with, just a valid in-date ID card. All ID cards will be issued prior to the athlete’s first competition as nominated on the order form.

All-Star ID cards will be valid for 3 years. After it has expired you will need to re-apply with updated information for a new card do be issued.

University ID cards will only be issued until the end of your university study period.

A temporary pass will be issued if an athlete arrives at a competition without an ID card. The following charges will apply:

  • £5.00 if an existing card has been lost.
  • £20.00 if you have never registered for a card. (You will need to supply proof of age for a temporary pass to be issued.)