NCSSE Courses

Courses are run in conjunction with the National Council for Spirit Safety and Education. These courses are structured and teaching based. Places are limited to 40 coaches per course and venues tend to be heavily subscribed so you are advised to book early. Venues are determined by spread of enquiries received.

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What is NCSSE?

NCSSE is a two day course with:

  • Coursework that provides comprehensive safety training for the educational development of coaches and and assistants
  • Coursework designed to address proper safety procedures for cheer squads/programmes
  • Coursework that addresses successful programme management
  • Coursework that covers the safety issues relevant to tumbling and stunting along with safe methods to mount stunts, dismount stunts and the specifics of the stunt itself
  • Coursework that culminates in passing a test with a score of 80% or higher

NCSSE is not:

  • Credentialing coursework such as IASF, passing these elements will not qualify coaches to teach at a specific level.
  • Coursework to teach choreography
  • Coursework that teaches how to become a cheer judge

Course Outline

Day 1:

Cheer & Dance Coaching Principles and Ethics (Saturday AM)

Developed by the NCSSE, this fundamental course has been designed specifically for cheerleading coaches desiring to build a foundation necessary for a successful cheerleading program. This comprehensive overview covers the following key elements:
  • Roles and Responsibilities of a Coach
  • Safety Management
  • Sportsmanship Ethics
  • Relationship Building
  • Program Development
Course materials: 94 pages.

Coaching Stunts and Tumbling I (Saturday PM)

This course is a must for safe stunting. Key elements of this course include standard terminology, proper skill progressions, spotting drills and techniques, and participant roles and responsibilities. This interactive course uses a video and printed manual to review safe stunting practices and teach the steps in basic to intermediate stunts and tumbling skills. Skills covered will include stunts that are shoulder level and below and tumbling progressions up to and including a standing back handspring. Basic basket tosses and basic to intermediate coed stunts are also covered with an emphasis on grips, proper technique, and safety. Course materials: 48 pages.

Day 2:

Programme Management and Cheer Fundamentals (Sunday AM)

Coaches will also be presented with a more indepth and interactive approach to program development (practices, legal liability, etc.) and safety management. These topics include the following fundamental coaching skills:
  • Motion and jump technique
  • Practice organisation
  • Conditioning
  • Tryout Implementation
  • Legal responsibilities
Course materials: 114 pages.

Coaching Stunts and Tumbling II (Sunday PM)

For coaches who have successfully completed certification for Coaching Stunts and Tumbling I, this interactive course offers coaches training on intermediate to advanced partner stunts and tumbling with an emphasis on safety. Stunts covered will include variations of extended stunts, dismounts, and advanced basket tosses. Advanced coed stunts are covered, including grips and proper technique. Tumbling progressions taught will include a back handspring series and skills up to and including non-twisting aerial flips. Key elements of this course include terminology, proper skill progressions, spotting drills and techniques, and participant roles and responsibilities. Course materials: 39 pages.
Please Note:
  • If you have previously taken Part 1: "Cheer Coaching Principles and Ethics" and Part 2: "Cheer Coaching Fundamentals" you can book on to the 2 day course and just sit ¬†Part 3: "Coaching Stunts and Tumbling I" and Part 4: 'Coaching Stunts and Tumbling II'. You will be invoiced for just these two parts. Please note: these parts are on the afternoons of Saturday and Sunday.
  • IMPORTANT: Please be aware that these courses are not based on the USASF cheer skill levels, so obtaining certificates do not qualify you to teach up to level 4.
  • Renewals - To renew you will be required to re-sit the full course (all 4 parts) but at a discounted price! Proof of original certificates need to be shown in ordet to renew. Certificates need to have run out within the year of renewing.
Candidates should be over 16 years of age for parts 1 - 4. (Candidates who are 16 can take Part 4 with the consent of a Gym Owner/Head coach and/or Legal Parent and/or Guardian)