Dance Solos/Duets/Trios

Dance Solo/Duo/Trio Overview

The BCA has the authority to make a decision on any issue, protest, penalty or rule that is unclear or not specifically addressed in these guidelines. The BCA will render a judgment in an effort to ensure that the Competition is conducted in a manner consistent with the general spirit of the Competition and the BCA.

Dancers may perform a Solo/Duo/Trio routine with choreography that supports one of the following categories: Pom, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Lyrical

All Solos/Duos/Trios MUST follow SCUK Age Guidelines and IASF Dance Safety Guidelines.

See IASF Cheer Legality Rules and SCUK Unified Age Grid to reference Level and Age Guidelines.

If you have any questions, contact [email protected] no less than 3 weeks prior to competition.


Dance Solo/Duo/Trio Guidelines

  1. TIME: Routine maximum time limit is (1.15) one minute fifteen seconds. Timing begins on the first beat of music or choreographed movement after your team is announced on the floor. 3 seconds over the maximum time limit will incur a time penalty.  
  2. PERFORMANCE AREA: The performance area will generally be a 16-meter x 14-meter Harlequin Dance Surface OR a 54’ x 42’ carpet bonded foam cheer spring floor. 
  3. SUBSTITUTIONS:  Duos/Trios – may be made in the event of any injury or other serious circumstance. Substitutes must also abide by the age restrictions in all divisions in which they compete. 
  4. ADITIONAL ITEMS: All staging, backdrops, special effects, costumes, or any items that may damage or otherwise alter the performance floor or environment, including backstage and practice area, are prohibited, including (but not limited to) water, baby powder, sliding oil, feathers, etc. 
  5. SUITABLITY: All choreography, costuming and make up should be age appropriate. 
  6. FOOTEAR: Footwear in recommended but not required. Wearing socks and/or footed tights only is prohibited. Exception: Socks are allowed on a carpeted performance surface. Shoes with wheels are not allowed (roller skates, roller blades, heelys etc.) 
  7. LEGALITY INFRACTIONS: A penalty will be deducted from your final score for each General Rule Infraction 0.25 or Safety Rule infraction 0.50. 
  8. SUITABILITY: Routines must be appropriate for family viewing. Suggestive, offensive, or vulgar choreography, costuming and/or music are inappropriate for family viewing and therefore lack audience appeal. Any vulgar or suggestive movements (hip thrusting, inappropriate touching/slapping/positioning to one another, etc), words, costuming or music will result in a 0.25-point deduction per violation.