Coach Skill Credentialing

The ICU Coach Skill Credentialing process utilises online exam elements, hands-on coaching skills, and experience elements that will help you become a safe and efficient coach.

Credentialing organises coaching competency into two core subjects, Building Skills (Stunts and Tosses) and Tumbling. These tests are designed to create a safer environment, by developing standards through proper skill progressions.

After an online test and hands on assessment coaches experience is validated, the coach will receive credentials through the Level(s) passed. These credentials come in Certificate form which last 3 years.

The Credentialing Process

Step One: Online Test

Each skill set and level has a unique test that you must complete. A link to the test will be provided after you have booked and paid online.


Step Two: Practical Field Experience Form (PFE) and Hands-on Test

You can register for a hands-on test using the "Book Online Now" button above. Depending on which level you are applying for you may also need to complete a Practical Field Experience form:

Levels 1 and 2
No form required.

Levels 3 - 6 
Your gym owner/head coach will need to sign off on your PFE form to get credentialed for these levels. Please ensure you bring this completed form with you to the hands-on test!

PFE Form (Click to open)

The Hands-On portion of credentialing is proving you understand how to teach certain skills within each level. You don't need perform these skills nor will you be working with athletes during the testing. However, you will have to explain to an instructor how to perform each skill just as if you were coaching a team. The instructor will have a list of key points that you must cover in order to pass that skill and or level. You do not have to cover the key points word for word as listed on the instructors paper. The instructors job is to validate that you cover in your own words the key points of each skill in order to teach proper technique and ensure that you know what you are talking about in order to keep the athletes safe.

Please note: This is NOT a course.


Novice - Level 1 £30.00
Intermediate - Level 2 £45.00
Median - Level 3 £45.00
Advanced - Level 4 £45.00
Level 4.2 £45.00
Elite - Level 5 £45.00
Premier - Level 6 £45.00

If you have never been credentialed previously you will need to pay for every level up to the level you wish to be credentialed at, i.e for credentials to level 3 you will need to pay for levels 1, 2 and 3.


If you are renewing existing credentials for levels 1-4 you only need to pay for the highest level option required, i.e for a re-credential to level 3 you only need to pay for level 3. For levels 5 & 6 a fixed £125 fee applies and no further admin fees will be charged.

Each Credentialing session booked will also incur a £35.00 admin fee