CheerActive Courses

Cheeractive is a brand launched by the BCA and Goldsmith Mancuso Ltd, Cheeractive provides training to coaches, cheerleaders and other involved in cheer & dance in first aid, body image & self-esteem, health promotion, safeguarding and nutrition & hydration.

We will provide you with the valuable knowledge and skills to be an all-rounder, At times being a coach can be hard and tough, ensuring you meet the needs of your squad or academy. All of our courses are cheer focused and meet the needs of learners. We can promise you that you will have a fun and enjoyable time on one of our courses.

All of our courses are taught by professional, experienced and knowledgeable instructors who have a passion for cheer. We ensure that we mould the courses to your needs whilst ensuring we cover every aspect needed. For full course descriptions please see our courses below.

You can book our courses as single days or book both together to a discounted rate.

Courses Available

Cheeractive First Aid & Safeguarding Course

This course is cheer focused. You can be confident that the training will relate to cheer and everyday use too.

The course covers relevant subject areas, delivered by qualified, professional instructors with firsthand experience of treating injuries in cheer and safeguarding. Each course is kept to a max of 20 people to ensure you have a more enjoyable course. Courses are open to anyone from the age of 16yrs. All of our courses are student focused which means we ensure you leave the course armed with knowledge and confidence.

Course Duration: 8 hours (normally 9-5)
Certification:  Cheeractive First Aid Course
Cost: £90.00 per person

Topics Covered (First Aid):

  • Roles and responsibilities of the coach in relation to first aid & accident reporting
  • Primary survey
  • Resuscitation of adults, children and infants
  • Causes of unresponsiveness and treatment of the unresponsive patient
  • Wounds, burns and bleeding
  • Childhood illness – meningitis, febrile convulsion
  • Medical conditions – diabetes, stroke, epilepsy
  • Cardiac conditions – angina, heart attack, Sudden adult death syndrome in sport
  • Respiratory conditions/problems – asthma, anaphylaxis's, choking
  • Head injuries – compressions, concussion and base of skull fracture
  • Spinal & neck injury's
  • Sprains and strains
  • Fractures and dislocations – identifying fractures vs sprains/strains
  • Introduction to kinesiology taping

Topics Covered (Safeguarding)

  • What is safeguarding?
  • What is my responsibility?
  • What is abuse?
  • Child sexual exploitation
  • Realtionships & underage sex
  • Sexting & the danger
  • How to fill in a safeguarding form
  • What should be in my child protection policy?
  • What to do if i have a concern?
  • What if an allegation is made against me?
  • Scenarios

Ongoing Support:

You will receive a training book when you arrive for the course; we will also email out templates of accident forms and letter to parents if one of your squad has had an accident that you can use, as well as templates for a Safeguarding policy and a concern form.

Once you have been on a course we also offer ongoing support via email or phone should you have a questions or queries.

Cheeractive Taping Course

The CheerActive taping course is the only course in the UK designed for cheerleading. We understand the sport and have embedded this though out the 1 day course. Taping has become one of the most popular treatments for sports injuries in today's athletes.
The course is extremely practical in nature, you will spend the day using safe, trusted and tested application methods with expert guidance from the course tutors.

Course Duration: 6 Hours (Normally 10-4)
Certification: Cheeractive Taping Course
Cost: £100.00 per person

The use of tape may help to:

  • Provide good pain management
  • Enhance performance
  • Reduce swelling
  • Reduce bruising quickly
  • Promote joint stability

The course will cover:

  • Introduction to taping – What it is, how it works & when it can be used.
  • How to correctly use and apply kinesiology tape.
  • Applications of tape for – Lower limb injuries & pain, Upper limb injuries & pain and application to the neck, torso & back.
  • How to use tape to reduce swelling.
  • How to use tape to reduce bruising quickly.
  • How to use tape to promote joint stability and injury prevention.

We Promise to:

  • Ensure you leave the course with knowledge and practical skills to be able to apply tape safely and correctly.
  • Provide free on-going support through emails or our help line.
  • Ensure the course is fun, extremely practical and cheer focused
  • You will also leave the course with your very own starter pack, so you can start putting your new skills in to practice.

Free ongoing support
With all of our courses, you are able to access free ongoing support after your course, this is in the form of email and phone support.