Cheer Solos

Cheer Solo Overview

Each Athlete will perform a (1.30) one minute and thirty second routine to demonstrate his/her competency in the fundamental individual Cheerleading skills.

Requirements follow the IASF rules for tumbling and jump tumbling combinations.

See divisions table for IASF level requirements.

Guidelines for your routine are listed below. Strict compliance with all rules is required.

If you have any questions contact [email protected] no less than 4 weeks prior to competition.


Cheer Solo Guidelines

  1. TIME: Routine maximum time limit is (1.30) one minute thirty seconds. Timing begins on the first beat of music or choreographed movement after your team is announced on the floor. 3 seconds over the maximum time limit will incur a time penalty.
  1. BEGINNING OF ROUTINE: Routine must begin within the approx. 54′ x 42′ performance area. You may not begin your routine in a pyramid or stunt.
  1. MUSIC: Routines must include only music in their presentation. You are required to bring two (2) CD’s/MP3/USB or mobile phone of your music – the one you will use and a backup. A representative of your squad must start and stop your music and remain at the sound desk during the performance.
  1. VOCALS: No cheer or side-line chants, jumps, dance or tumbling are permitted. Spontaneous vocals soliciting crowd response are acceptable.
  2. PERFORMANCE AREA: You are not allowed outside the approx. 54 x 42′ performance area after you begin your routine. The performance area is marked.
  3. PROPS: No additional Props are permitted.
  4. ENDING OF ROUTINE: Timing will stop when your squad comes to a complete final stationary position or final beat of music. Failing to make the end of your routine clear may result in additional time being added.
  5. POINT DEDUCTIONS: A penalty will be deducted from your final score for each rule infraction. The amount of the penalty depends on the severity of the infraction.