BCQ Course

In light of the current lockdown restrictions we are now offering the BCQ Qualification course through a virtual Zoom Video Conference. BCQ Levels 1, 2 & 3 will be available.

Each course will be split over two days to help you with fitting the course into your own schedule. You will need to attend both days of the Zoom in order to complete part one of the course.

As we are adapting this in-depth course, which is taught in an extremely interactive in-person format we have split the qualification into two parts:

Part 1: You will need to sit both days of the relevant level. At end of day two you will sit the online exam.

Part 2: Once the online exam is completed you will be contacted to schedule a second call, which will be a one-on-one zoom with BCQ Presenter. In this call, you will be asked to go over the spotting techniques and be asked to demonstrate, as best as possible, how to spot each of the tumbling skills that the relevant course went over. This call should take approximately thirty minutes to one hour. Time permitting, there may be an option to add this to the end of the day 2 after you have completed the online exam.

Once both parts are complete and signed off, an Electronic Certificate will be emailed over completing your qualification with BCQ.

For Part 1 of the course (the collective Zoom call) you will require:

  • Pen/Paper to makes notes on all the skills/drills that are covered in the course syllabus
  • We recommend joining the call on a laptop as we will be using break out rooms for group discussions
  • Access to a strong internet connection, ideally in a quiet place.
  • A pair of Shoes. We will be breaking down all grips and techniques for stunting elements.

For more information please email [email protected] or use the Book Online Now button if you are ready to book!




IASF Level Age Limit Price Pre-Existing Qualification Required*
Level 1 (Junior) 12-15 £60.00 None
Level 1 16+ £90.00 None
Level 2 16+ £90.00 None (Level 1 highly recommended but not required)
Level 3 16+ £90.00 Level 2
Level 4 (Coming Soon) 16+ £90.00 Level 3
Level 5/6 (Coming Soon) 18+ £100.00 Level 4
Level 7 (Coming Soon) 18+ £110.00 Level 5

* All UK based qualifications accepted.


Course Information

The level 1 ‘British Cheerleading Qualification’ has been specifically designed to help brand new coaches to gain a full understanding of cheerleading fundamentals. The course is suitable for coaches wishing to set up and/or coach for competitive all-star programmes, recreational and scholastic classes.

What and how will I learn?

The level 1 course is comprised of both practical learning and theoretical content to introduce the various aspects of cheerleading. Participants will be guided through the process of setting up a programme and how to plan an effective cheerleading session. A variety of drills will be provided, showing level 1 techniques in a step by step process. Our demonstration group will perform skills to help explain correct technique and how to address poor execution.

What skills will be covered on the course?

  • Setting up your Programme
  • Session Planning
  • Motions
  • Building Skills
  • Jumps
  • Tumbling
Two Legged and One Legged Stunts:
  • Nugget
  • All 4’s
  • Knee Level
  • Thigh Level
  • Gut Level
  • Prep
No Leg Stunts:
  • Shoulder Sit
  • V Sit
  • Extended V Sit
  • Step Off
  • Bump Down
  • Cradle
  • Handstand
  • Bridge
  • Cartwheels
  • Rolls (Forward & Backward)
  • Round Off
  • Walkovers (Forward & Backward)
  • Connected Tumbling

How will I be assessed?

Participants will be required to demonstrate an understanding of the coaching techniques for both building and tumbling skills. At the end of the second day of the course, you will complete a multi choice online test. To recognise successful completion of the course, coaches will receive a certificate and BCQ level 1 pin badge. You will also gain access to all course materials e.g. videos and example documents on the BCQ member portal.

The level 2 ‘British Cheerleading Qualification’ aims to give coaches a full understanding of how to teach the correct techniques across level 2 stunt and tumble skills. This 1 day course is ideal for coaches who wish to gain proficiency or refresh their knowledge in level 2 skills.

What and how will I learn?

The course incorporates video presentations, practical demonstrations and the opportunity to gain hands on coaching experience. You will be given specific guidance on how to teach a variety of grips for level 2 stunt skills and make corrections to skill execution. The course also provides the opportunity to gain experience and confidence in spotting level 2 tumbles as well as providing a range of drills to help your athletes improve their technique.

What skills will be covered on the course?

Two Legged Stunts:
  • Extended Two-Footed
  • 1/2 Twisting Mounts
  • Inversions
Single Legged Stunts:
  • Prep Liberty
  • 1/2 Twisting Mounts
  • Tic Tocs
Releasing Stunts:
  • Cradles
  • Basket Toss
  • Log Rolls
  • Leap Frogs
  • Front Handspring
  • Dive Rolls
  • Back Handspring (Standing & Running)
  • Connected Tumbling

How will I be assessed?

At the end of the day, coaches will complete a multiple choice online test to assess knowledge of coaching level 2 skills. Upon passing the test, coaches will receive a certificate and pin badge to celebrate the successful completion of the course. The course is supported with the BCQ member portal, providing you with access to a range of coaching materials after course completion. Simply login to retrieve the information covered during the course.

This 1 day course will help existing coaches to gain proficiency and confidence in teaching level 3 stunt and tumble skills.

What and how will I learn?

Course material is delivered in an active learning environment which encourages participants to gain hands on experience. Videos and demonstrations of various grips will help you to understand how to coach level 3 stunt skills successfully. Coaches will learn a range of drills and correct spotting techniques for level 3 tumble skills.

What skills will be covered on the course?

  • Extended Single Leg
  • Full Twisting Mounts
  • 1/4 Cradle from Extended Single Leg
  • Full Twisting Cradles
  • Tic Tocs/li>
  • Inversions
  • Basket Toss
  • Release Moves
    • Front Punch
    • Standing Back Handspring Series
    • Round Off Back Handspring Back Tuck
    • Round Off Back Tuck
    • Connected Tumbling

    How will I be assessed?

    In order to receive the level 3 certification, participants must complete and pass the multiple choice online test. Coaches will receive a certificate and the level 3 BCQ pin badge once they have passed the test. You will also have access to all coaching materials and videos used during the course on the BCQ member portal.