Cheerleading in schools

What difference will this make to your pupils ?

Cheerleading can be used as a vehicle to engage pupils in Physical Education and more broadly their involvement within the whole school environment. Cheerleading can help children to organise themselves and take responsibility for themselves and others as part of a team. Cheerleading can motivate girls and boys to participate in PE as they begin to see themselves as having more of a role in their physical well-being and enjoyment. Confidence and self-esteem will grow and as a result, they will become more willing to contribute to lessons. The quality aspect of their performance in PE will also improve as they begin to relate cheerleading to other areas of performance that exist within the curriculum.

What difference will this make to your school?

Schools will certainly see a popular club that is safe, structured and full of fun. Schools will also begin to see a change in attitude towards PE and School in those children sometimes put off by traditional physical activities. Cheerleading clubs have contributed towards meeting the government target for ‘every child participating in two hours of PE or school sport each and every week’ by offering pupils something different, inclusive and accountable.