BCA Rule Book

Summary of Changes for the 2015/2016 Season



**USASF Rule Changes - December 2015 - Please click here for more info

  • Partner Stunt, Solo, Duo & Trio divisions will no longer be offered at any BCA competition.
  • Stunt group only entries will not be accepted unless a Cheer or Dance team is also being entered.
  • The number of Stunt Group entries will be limited to ONE team per age group for both All-Girl and Co-Ed. Clarification:
    One Tiny team
    One Mini team
    One Youth team
    One Junior levels 1-5 All-Girl team plus one Junior level 5 Co-Ed team
    One Senior levels 1-5 All-Girl team plus one Senior levels 3-5 Co-Ed team
    One Open levels 1-5 All-Girl team plus one Open levels 3-6 Co-Ed team
    This has been put in place to ease the problem of time between routines and crossover athletes. Clarification: This restriction only applies to All-Star competitions, it does not apply to School or Universities Competitions.
  • Senior and Open Stunt Group divisions at level 1 & 2 will be in line with regular team divisions, i.e. not split between All-Girl and Co-Ed.
  • Routine time for Stunt groups is being reduced to 1 minute 15 seconds.
  • Tiny Stunt Group (Level 1 only) has been added to the ages and divisions page. (Amended 19/11/15)



  • Additional dance divisions will be offered in the Open (17+) age category for Pom, Jazz & Hip Hop in both All-Girl and Co-Ed.
  • Dance Duets will be offered at selected competitions, please see our event schedule for more information.
  • Dance Duet Divisions will now be available for Pom, Jazz & Hip Hop in line with team Dance divisions.
  • Timing for Dance Duets is 1 minute 15 seconds.